Chinese Gender Predictor Chart and Calendar

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Chinese Gender Predictor Chart and Calendar

Have you ever heard of the Chinese Gender Predictor Chart and Calendar? Some sources claim it to be 85% accurate. Others say it has the accuracy of a coin flip - 50/50. One or another, it is still 100% fun :) It all goes back to the 13th century when a gender prediction calendar was discovered in a Chinese royal tomb (according to a legend). Back then, they claimed it to be 99% accurate. The studies form North America from the last century set its accuracy on 85%. Still worth the shot, right? :)

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Gender prediction

How does it work? Two factors are determining the gender of the baby - the lunar age of the expecting mother and the month of actual conception. The lunar age is not the same as the “normal” age of the woman. The Chinese lunar year is 355 days long; therefore, you must re-calculate "how old" you actually are. Sounds ominous? Trust us, it is not :). We will show you how you can do it, keep on reading.

The Chinese Lunar Year is, as we have already mentioned, 355 days long. What makes it even more different from our Gregorian Calendar is that it does not begin on the same day every year. The New Year is celebrated in China sometime between the first half of January and the end of February. For example, in 1955, they celebrated the Chinese New Year on January 24th, while in 2003, it was on February 1st.

If you want to know how old are you according to the Chinese Lunar Year, you must keep in mind the changing first day of the Chinese Lunar Year, and you must add one year to your actual age (because they count your age from the conception, not from birth, in China).

Timeline of Chinese New Years:

  • 07. february 1978
  • 28. january 1979
  • 16. february 1980
  • 05. february 1981
  • 25. january 1982
  • 13. february 1983
  • 02. february 1984
  • 20. february 1985
  • 09. february 1986
  • 29. january 1987
  • 17. february 1988
  • 06. february 1989
  • 27. january 1990
  • 15. february 1991
  • 04. february 1992
  • 23. january 1993
  • 10. february 1994
  • 31. january 1995
  • 19. february 1996
  • 07. february 1997
  • 28. january 1998
  • 16. february 1999
  • 05. february 2000
  • 24. january 2001
  • 12. february 2002
  • 01. february 2003
  • 22. january 2004
  • 09. february 2005
  • 29. january 2006
  • 18. february 2007
  • 07. february 2008
  • 26. january 2009
  • 14. february 2010

How old are you?

Let's show how to count it on an example. Let’s say, you were born on February 25th, 1986. According to the Gregorian Calendar, you are (today, October 2018) 32 years old. According to the timeline mentioned above, the Chinese year began on February 9th, 1986 (therefore before you were born). So you are 32 according to both the Gregorian and the Chinese Calendar. However, you will have to add one year, because they count age from the conception in China, not from the day you were born (as we do).

32 + 1 = 33 years old

For example, if you were born on February 8, 1986, the day before the beginning of the year, by October 2018 you have 32 according to the Gregorian calendar, but 33 according to the Chinese calendar (because you were born in 1985 according to it). To this must be added 1 "prenatal year".

33 + 1 = 34 let

The conception of a baby according to the Chinese Calendar

JAs we have already mentioned above, two factors determine the gender of your baby. First is your lunar age at the time of conception. You already know how to calculate it. The second factor is the month of the procreation. Finding out the gender of your baby is then easy - look at the chart, pink windows symbolize a girl, blue ones are for boys. So, if you were 34 for at the time of conception and you procreated in October, you have an 85% chance to hold a soft pink bundle of joy nine months later. If you want a little mate running around, wait one more month, and you have an 85% chance of having a baby boy.

Let's count and have some fun!

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