4 reasons to go barefoot

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4 reasons to go barefoot

Barefoot shoes introduce a unique concept of footwear which allows us to go back to our roots – to walk bare feet. Years of research and development intertwined with pure naturalness and brought to light footwear that stimulates our nerve endings on the bottom of our feet during walking, improves our body posture and coordination and even sweetens our mood. So, what are Be Lenka barefoot shoes like? Ultra-light, ultra-flexible, with a thin sole, which allows you to feel the ground but still feel comfortable.

We do care about your feet

Back pain, neck pain, hip pain or lower back pain seem to be the most common aches and pains of these days. Sometimes these problems are the result of wearing inappropriate footwear. Throw in some calluses, halluxes, and problems with the Achilles tendon or calves. We do not take care of our feet as we indeed should. Feet are here for us all the time. They carry us, and they even decide on our body posture. This is one of the reasons why Be Lenka changes the footwear habits of people and creates barefoot shoes for all men, women and kids, all seasons of the year and on all occasions.

4 benefits of going barefoot

One of the fundamental principles of barefoot footwear is that the shoe must respect the natural anatomy of a foot, not the other way round.

Barefoot shoes imitate walking with no shoes on. It allows the toes to have enough space so they are not limited while walking. This is the core difference between barefoot shoes and hard soles, high heels and narrow toe crushing toe-boxes of standard footwear. 

  1. Anatomic shape – toe-box offering a spacious place for toes in movement, it copies the shape of a foot. 
  2. Zero-drop – Zero difference between a heel and the toes. It improves weight distribution and body posture
  3. Flexibility – ultra-flexible sole of 4 mm thickness allows feet and nerve endings to be stimulated by the surface they walk on. It imitates walking with no shoes on and it naturally massages the feet.
  4. Lightness – Be Lenka barefoot are light and with no arch support. They strengthen the foot naturally and make it work properly.

Interesting facts were introduced by doctor William A. Rossini who conducted research and published it in the magazine Perspectives. Doctor Rossini claims, that correct body posture is a precise 90% angle which can be achieved only by being bare feet or having barefoot shoes with zero- drop. For instance, if you wear pumps with 5 cm high heels, the misalignment is 70% so you must put a real effort into correcting it and achieving said 90% angle. It leads to incorrect body posture creating immense pressure on one's lower back.

Wide range and neverending freedom

In case you do not own any barefoot shoes yet, you do not need to worry about the right size. The size you usually wear should suffice. You will gain freedom for your toes and you will strengthen your feet with every step you take. You do not need to wear them all day long. The possibilities are endless.

Some wear flats or sandals at work. Some like slippers or sneakers. Be Lenka offers elegant models, and sporty models, with or without laces, or with straps. Winter or summer, for everyone. There is a new addition to our portfolio – the new brand Bareberics that introduces the new generation of barefoot sneakers.

From research and development to barefoot elite

To create premium barefoot shoes takes patience, perseverance and precision. A little tidbit – we have been working for two years to create perfect flats that meet all of our expectations and that bring ultimate comfort to our lady customers. We have scanned more than one hundred female feet in a course of several months to create perfect, minimalistic footwear for ladies, shoes that fully respect the anatomy of female feet. See the difference?

During the production, we emphasize the quality and handling, we use locally sourced materials and we support traditional local crafts. Our products are handcrafted in EU – Slovakia, Czechia and Portugal. In countries rich with shoemaking tradition and we are proud, that we can continue in this tradition enriching it with modern technologies, innovative principles and love for human beings and nature.

We invest in the newest technologies, we cooperate with the most progressive shoemaking workshops in Europe and with reputable experts and scholars in the fields of physiotherapy, podology, shoe construction and design.

Be Lenka X Barebarics – barefoot for everyone

Barefoot walking naturally strengthens the muscles of the feet, it offers great comfort for toes and the light weight of the shoe makes you walk with ease. Make a step into a new day wearing a smile and minimalistic barefoot shoes Be Lenka or the street brand of barefoot sneakers Barebarics.

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