Best barefoot shoes for men

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Best barefoot shoes for men

Once upon a time, barefoot shoes were considered unconventional and unsightly footwear only worn by hippies and "tree-huggers". However, times have changed, and in recent years, they have gained immense popularity and now hold a significant place in the fashion world.

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The growing interest in barefoot shoes has opened up many design possibilities. Men no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort, as barefoot shoes offer the best of both worlds. At Be Lenka, we strive to design a range of shoes that cater to the needs of the modern man. Our designs include the latest fashion trends, as well as unisex, minimalistic and timeless options that will last you a lifetime. We offer an array of models for leisure, hiking, sports, work, and formal occasions. Our shoes adhere to barefoot standards and are crafted from high-quality materials with precision and meticulous attention to detail. 

Why barefoot?

The human foot is incredibly intricate and complex, composed of 26 bones, 30 joints, and over a hundred ligaments, tendons, and muscles, all working in perfect harmony. When we walk barefoot, our feet move naturally, with every part of the foot functioning as intended. However, when we wear conventional shoes that do not mimic the foot's natural shape, we restrict the foot's movement, leading to problems such as deformities, collapsed arches, and other issues. 

Barefoot shoes provide an innovative approach to footwear that enables the foot to move and function as if it were bare. These shoes are designed to perfectly mimic the natural shape of the foot, respecting and supporting its anatomy. They do not restrict or limit the foot in any way, allowing it to move freely and naturally. Moreover, barefoot shoes do not offer artificial arch support that can weaken the arch by making it passive. 

Walking barefoot or wearing barefoot shoes makes the foot stronger, more flexible, and healthier overall. Barefoot shoes enable the foot to become more agile, improving its range of motion and promoting better balance and stability. With barefoot shoes, you can experience the freedom of walking barefoot while still protecting your feet from rough or sharp surfaces. 

Walking barefoot has numerous benefits. Some of the most important ones include: 

  • Strengthening the foot and the entire lower limb. 
  • Improving body posture and balance. 
  • Intense neurostimulation and communication between the foot and the brain, thanks to the ultra-thin and flexible sole. This helps the body adapt more quickly to the changing terrain, reducing the risk of injury or overloading of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Improved proprioception, which is the perception of one's body in space without the need for visual control.

Barefoot shoes attributes

When it comes to barefoot shoes, specific attributes must be met to qualify as such. The shoe should have an anatomical shape with a wide toe box, allowing for natural foot movement and proper alignment. The sole of the shoe should be ultra-thin and maximally flexible, with a zero drop that allows the foot to be in its natural position. The materials used in the shoe should be flexible and lightweight, providing a “no-shoes-on”-like experience. 

In addition to meeting these criteria, a high-quality barefoot shoe should be made with precision and attention to detail. The execution of the shoe should be flawless, with an emphasis on functionality and longevity. The use of high-quality materials is also important, as this ensures the durability of the shoe and provides maximum comfort to the wearer. 

While barefoot shoes may require a higher investment, the benefits they provide make it a wise investment in the long run. The shoes promote natural foot movement, improve posture, and reduce the risk of injury. When choosing barefoot shoes, it is important to consider whether the footwear meets all the necessary criteria to ensure maximum comfort, health, and longevity. 

Best barefoot shoes for men

Gone are the days when mainly two types of barefoot shoes were available: sneakers and all-year-rounders. Today, the barefoot shoe market has undergone a significant transformation. It offers a diverse range of footwear options to cater to the various needs of modern men. If you are searching for a shoe that is not only versatile and functional but also stylish and comfortable, then look no further than our ever-expanding selection of Be Lenka and Barbarics barefoot shoes. Our collection boasts a wide range of shoes designed to cater to every modern man's taste and needs, whether looking for a shoe perfect for a casual day out or offering superior performance during your most intense workouts. 

To work or formal events

 It can complement any smart casual or sporty-elegant outfit. For those who prefer a minimalist and timeless design, Be Lenka Cityscape is an excellent choice. Its lower cut makes it ideal for warmer days, and it's available in classic black and white colours and trendy and more eye-catching caramel brown and sage green. Who says that smart casual must be boring? Be Lenka Cityscape is the perfect addition to a modern man's capsule wardrobe, offering a stylish and versatile option for any occasion. Be Lenka Synergy is a versatile model with an ankle cut and is available in two versions - with leather/textile lining and with fleece lining- providing perfect warmth and comfort for colder days. It's an ideal choice for completing a sporty or casual look and can also be paired with a pantsuit or coat for a more formal occasion. The Be Lenka Buena barefoot moccasin model is a must-have for every modern man. It is minimalist, made of premium leather, and is both timeless and trendy. The Be Lenka Buena moccasins are suitable for suits, cropped chinos, and casual shorts, perfect for both work and leisure. These unique unisex loafer moccasins are the epitome of timeless urban elegance and style. 

All three models - Be Lenka Icon, Be Lenka Cityscape, and Be Lenka Synergy - are minimalistic and highly versatile, perfect for the modern man who values both style and comfort. Whether you need to dress up for work or a formal event, having at least one pair of these shoes in your capsule wardrobe is a must. 

For city strolls

Sneakers have become a ubiquitous part of fashion for men, and it's no surprise why. They are no longer just for sports or leisure activities. With Be Lenka and Barebarics, there are over 20 models of sneakers for men, with even more options coming in the spring/summer '24 season. These shoes offer various styles, from minimalist timelessness to unmissable trendy designs and statement pieces. 

The popular Be Lenka Royale, Be Lenka Champ, and Be Lenka Prime models are perfect for men who value simplicity and elegance. These sneakers easily complement any leisure or work outfit. For those who prefer a sportier and eye-catching look, the Barebarics Zing model is highly recommended. The Barebarics Zing - High Top version is the latest addition to the collection, allowing you to wear your favourite pair of sneakers even during colder months. 

The Barebarics Revive model is perfect for men who aren't afraid of bolder combinations and prefer statement pieces. The unique design immediately captivates at first glance and offers unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement. Men will appreciate the Be Lenka Eazy model during summer. These slip-on sneakers provide unbeatable comfort and barefoot freedom even on the hottest days. In short, whether you're looking for a classic or trendy look, Be Lenka and Barebarics have got you covered. With a wide range of options, every man can find the perfect pair of sneakers for every occasion.  

To nature and mountain terrain

Sturdy shoes were once considered necessary for hiking, but experts now believe that the best off-road footwear allows the foot to feel the terrain. This enables the foot to react quickly and appropriately to changes in the terrain, providing a safer and more comfortable hiking experience. Be Lenka and Barebarics offer a range of shoes suitable for nature and hiking. One such model is the Be Lenka Trailwalker, perfect for light terrain. The model features rubber protection around the entire foot, preventing wetness and abrasion. Additionally, the shoe includes a practical loop for easy attachment to your backpack. Another popular model is the Be Lenka Ranger, which has a classic hiking boot look but offers barefoot freedom and an excellent ground feel. The ankle area is softly padded, providing extra comfort during long walks or in colder weather. Finally, the Barebarics Voyager is a highly functional and stylish model that supports hikers even in the most challenging environments. Made of lightweight, flexible knitted fabric, this model features a contoured grip that ensures stability and security while hiking. If you love outdoor freedom and are unafraid of obstacles, the Barebarics Voyager is an excellent choice.. 

To gym or outdoor sports and workouts

Barefoot shoes are not just a fashion statement but also an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts and sportspeople. When wearing these shoes during active movement, you can experience countless benefits for both your health and performance. One of the latest arrivals, set to be the star of the upcoming season, the Be Lenka Velocity model offers everything a man needs for a great workout. In addition to its perfect barefoot attributes and unique design, the upper combines fabric and TPU, providing excellent breathability. An interesting colour detail in the form of a semi-transparent gradient film enchants at first sight and gives our sportiest model a touch of excellence. 

The Be Lenka Whiz model is a perfect fit if you are looking for a lightweight, comfortable, and stylish barefoot shoe. Made of high-quality knitted fabric, it is perfect for work, leisure, and light sporty activities. 

The Be Lenka Dash model is the go-to choice for a perfect blend of comfort, style, and breathability. Its knitted upper offers unparalleled comfort and barefoot freedom, keeping your feet fresh even during the hottest summer days. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities, this model can be a trendy addition to any casual or sporty outfit. 

The Be Lenka Stride is a unique model of sock-like sneakers made of lightweight and breathable knitted fabric. It features the ActiveGrip sole (as well as models Whiz and Dash), which ensures better contact with the surface, making it ideal for sports activities that require unwavering balance. Its stylish design and ultimate comfort make it perfect for any sports or fitness enthusiast.

For a cosy feeling at home

At Be Lenka, we believe that your feet deserve the utmost comfort, even when you're lounging in the comfort of your own home. We know that some people prefer to be barefoot at home, but for those who desire the protection and warmth of footwear, we have introduced the ultimate solution - the Be Lenka Chillax. These low barefoot slippers are designed to offer maximum space for your toes while providing exceptional thermal comfort. The innovative design of these slippers helps you experience the sensation of walking barefoot while keeping your feet warm and cosy. With the Be Lenka Chillax, you can enjoy a unique blend of the freedom of being barefoot and the comfort of wearing shoes.. 

The world of barefoot footwear has been expanding at an unprecedented rate, thanks to the increasing popularity of the barefoot experience and the growing awareness of the importance of healthy and functional feet. Today, you can find a wide range of stylish and comfortable barefoot shoes that cater to all aspects of your life. Regardless of what the dress code dictates, your personal style, or the latest trends, you don't have to compromise on comfort and functionality. With barefoot shoes, you can experience the freedom of going barefoot while still enjoying the benefits of footwear. Barefoot shoes suit everyone, regardless of age, gender, or profession, and offer solutions for all occasions and seasons. Whether at work, wearing a suit, engaging in sports, or enjoying the comfort of your home, the best barefoot shoes for men, like those offered by Be Lenka, can provide you with the comfort and style you need. So, why not say goodbye to old stereotypes and embrace the freedom and benefits of barefoot footwear?. 

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